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Spinal freedom is the foundation for physical, mental and spiritual health. This freedom is generated from the tailbone where the body holds its most contracted tension. Embodyment® is a simple but profound facilitation of tension release at the tailbone. Based on the same principles of Svaroopa® yoga, Embodyment® helps the spine unwind.

In the session, you lie in Shavasana, yoga's relaxation pose, while the therapist uses gentle, steady touch and awareness to help the muscle tension at the base of the spine release. Awareness of changes in the body during the session is encouraged. A simple yoga pose concludes the session and helps the changes from the therapy integrate more fully.

Healing continues long after the session ends and reaches areas beyond the scope of yoga poses. The release experienced in one session of Embodyment® is like attending 6-10 yoga classes.

Overlap Healing is a concentrated process of 30 sessions, scheduled within a 2 month period. The process accelerates healing and can support acute as well as chronic conditions.

Reported benefits:
(a sampling)

  • Deep relaxation - the basis of healing
  • Reduced pain
  • Mental clarity
  • Groundedness
  • Increased vitality
  • Reduced headaches
  • Improved function of all physiologic systems
  • Helps absorption of oxygen and nutrients

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Svaroopa® yoga Therapy (SYT)

Based on the principles of Svaroopa® yoga, SYT focuses on release of tension in the deep muscles along the spine. The foundation of this release process begins at the tailbone and then extends upward along the spine. The whole body benefits from this approach because the release is generated at the core of the body's physical and nervous system functions. A SYT session works with yoga poses and can also include Embodyment® (see above) with the yoga poses. Each session is different since it is based on the individual's specific needs. For example, severe illness or chronic pain dictates a gradual approach and the focus may be breathing practices in the beginning.

Someone already familiar with Svaroopa® yoga would begin with assisted yoga poses and possibly Embodyment®. Multiple sessions allow for the application of a progression of therapy tools and deeper variations of the poses. Guidance for home practice is a part of the sessions and encouraged to maintain the benefits of the therapy.

The openings from a yoga therapy session build a new foundation of ease that becomes the basis for living more freely and comfortably all the time. The result is a boost to the body's inherent healing capacities, relief from pain, greater mental clarity, more energy and an overall sense of wellbeing.

SYT affects the body, mind and emotions because the spine is the body's core of all aspects of life. SYT sessions help you gain awareness and understanding of the mind/body connection and how the release of physical tensions help ease mental and emotional tensions. SYT is a whole body, whole person therapy for wellness and healing.

Who would benefit from yoga therapy? People who have:
  • Physical pain
  • Stressful lives
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatique
  • recuperating from injury or trauma
  • Desire to develop a connection to their deeper Self
  • Desire for quality of living to their fullest potential
  • Anybody who wants to maintain optimal health

Private Yoga Instruction
Many people choose private instruction. This is helpful for anybody and essential for some.

Benefits of Private Instruction:

  • detailed assistance not always available in a classroom
  • tailored to specific needs
  • slower pace
  • in-depth feedback and interaction
  • strengthens personal practice
  • fine tuning to support a deepening practice
  • provides support for overcoming obstacles to practice
  • personalized attention not available in a classroom
  • helps prepare a new student to join an ongoing class w/ greater ease & confidence
  • provides quality instruction for people w/ physical limitations for any reason

I encourage private yoga sessions if you:

  • are dealing with any physical limitation that would impede your full participation in a standard yoga class.

    This would include people who:
  • are under the care of a physician or PT for back pain or back injury
  • are dealing with an acute phase of fibromyalgia
  • are dealing with an acute phase of chronic fatigue
  • are recuperating from an accident or injury
  • are referred by a medical professional to address specific issues through yoga
  • have an ongoing practice and need temporary additional assistance
  • to deepen their practice
  • to move through transitional periods of rapid change that arise from a regular practice
  • have a work schedule to makes regular class attendance difficult.

Therapists: Polly DiBella, E-RYT, CSYT (yoga therapy, embodyment, vichara)
polly@dibellayoga.com    610-578-0733
                  Anne Susas, CSYT (embodyment)
annesusas@yahoo.com 610-999-3030     
                  Judy Goodkin, RYT 200 (embodyment) 
                                     jujugoodkin@aol.com         484-924-8697

                  Kelly Sharp, CSTY (vichara)
kelly@masteryoga.org    302-228-0098

Fees for all private services with Polly:

one session: $90.00

3 sessions: $240.00

7 sessions: $525.00
15 sessions: $1050.

overlap healing (30 sessions): $2100.00

For more information or to schedule your session please contact Polly:

Please contact practitioners to schedule sessions and for fee information.

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A process of Self Inquiry. This is also considered yoga therapy, although not directly working with the body, but working the mind which has a profound effect on the body. 

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