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 Chronic neck, shoulder and back pain resultant from a whiplash in the ‘70’s and an improperly executed intubation in the ‘80’s led me on a pain relief path that began with heating pads and moved on to chiropractic, followed by lots of  physical therapy.  All to little avail, unfortunately, except for the beginning of my education on the spine. About 4 years ago, on the advice of my physical therapist, I came to Polly for yoga therapy and her gentle class.  Thirty of years of spinal tension caused by pain was not erased immediately, to say the least, but over time I began to feel better and became motivated to become more consistent in my practice. I was hesitant to leave the gentle class, but have found that the continuing level classes have been even more rewarding.  My blankets and blocks are permanently set up in my home.  I still need a dose of Advil occasionally, but it is no longer my first response to pain.  My first response is to attend a class or do complete practice at home.  Svaroopa® yoga has proven to be “The Answer” for me!  Thank you Polly… “D”

"My experience with Svaroopa® Yoga has been amazing. As an over-50-year-old who never enjoyed exercise, I was somewhat skeptical. However, I had recently been diagnosed with arthritis of the neck which was causing limited mobility in my arms. I had given up tennis and had trouble even putting on a coat. After a few months of yoga, I noticed many changes in my body. I had lots of energy, much more body strength and stamina, and just felt great. Within a year, I began taking two classes a week including a "deeper practice" class. Polly also encouraged us to practice daily, and I have a very simple routine I do most mornings without even getting out of bed. My blood pressure has dropped, my heart rate is at 60, and, best of all, my arms now flap around like a bird's! "
Lynn M.

"I have been a student of Polly's for three years. Frequently we end the class with a mutual "Thank you for the gift of yoga". Yoga is a delightful gift that I rediscovered through her classes. My (paternal) grandmother's gift of arthritis symptoms has decreased and my mother's gift of anxiousness has quieted. "
Paula D.

"I have had the pleasure of being in Polly's classes (off and on) for over 20 years. If I had to describe her teaching style I would say that she makes class fun and easy, even though sometimes what we are doing is a challenge. As a student I feel comfortable (because she is). She knows anatomy inside and out. I consider myself truly blessed to be the beneficiary of the work and dedication that she puts into her own practice and into her teaching. "
Jane K.

"Before I began studying Svaroopa® Yoga with Polly, I had tried other forms of yoga, but never been able to stay with it for more than a few months at a time. I have been taking classes with Polly twice a week for the last 3 years and have found it enormously beneficial. I used to have chronic neck pain, which required frequent trips to the chiropractor. Since I began my Svaroopa practice, my neck pain has completely gone. I have learned that by releasing tension along my spine, I have moved out of a cycle of pain and tension into a place of support and release. Polly is a patient and observant teacher, who has guided me to a deeper appreciation of my own body and of the practice of Svaroopa Yoga."
Lisa K.

"Dear Polly, You make being in your body feel like flying! Just to say thank you for a great yoga class - You are a wonderful teacher. Yoga is an extension of you that you share in an elegant way."
Melinda B.

Polly,   You probably don't remember my individual session with you last fall.  I mentioned that my goal was to return...at the ripe old age of 56, to play fast-pitch softball after missing all last season with spinal stenosis.  You instructed on the 4 basic poses of Svaroopva.   I did the regimen diligently over the months and wanted to let you know that I ended up playing every inning of a 21 game season without any real problems.  Planning to keep it up.    Thanks!!   Ken R.

"I've taken many yoga classes and had many teachers over the years and I can truthfully say that Polly offers excellent classes and body work sessions. She is totallypresent and available - that is, she sets up a 'sacred space' in which change can happen safely and gently. I always look forward to going to class and sessions with Polly because I know that I will experience my body in new ways and will be inspired to do more in a non-competitive environment. I leave feeling refreshed, much more in touch with my body and wit a renewed sense that 'all is righ'" in my universe". Katherine D. 

Gentle, healing yoga. Nothing like it. Not like other yoga. It's slow and goes deep, and if you go beyond the poses, the depth is infinite! Sally M. Polly Dibella is an experienced, compassionate, caring yoga instructor. She supports and encourages her students in their yoga practice and lives her practice in her own daily life. Polly's classes are calming and affirming to her students. My 90 minutes in Polly's class is the calmest, most relaxing part of my week. I leave class with a calm spirit and a relaxed, pain-free body. I highly recommend dibellayoga. Barbara W

The most wonderful, relaxing fulfilling experience you can imagine. Suitable for ALL body types and fitness levels, this Yoga will work on your body, mind and spirit in the most wonderful ways. Polly DiBella is so expert in making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. I've been to other Yoga classes where there was such a feeling of competition - that is totally absent here. Absolutely the best Yoga experience you could have. Barb

I've known Polly and been taking Svaroopa® yoga from her for 9 years. Her solid foundation in yoga, professionally and personally, make her a great teacher, even when you are going through challenges as a student. This yoga is the only hatha yoga available to me b/c the use of props allows me to benefit from the poses without having to be flexible to begin with. And I have benefitted tremendously. I began yoga after a bout with breast cancer and then uterine cancer (due to a medication for breast cancer). I was almost 50 and incredibly stiff. Now I'm in better shape than I was before the cancer 11+ years ago. In addition to the physical benefits, there are the benefits to the mind and daily living. ANY body can do this yoga and Polly is trained to teach each of us to benefit from the yoga. The deep relaxation and centeredness hooked me from the first class. I recommend it to everyone I meet.   SG

I think anyone would greatly benefit from this caring and professional service. Try it! You'll like it! PJ

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